litical initiatives that are underway at the local and national levels, according to the statement summarizing the telephone call. Biden welcomed Maliki's briefing affirming that I.

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ns and is in favor of closing the National Assembly. One lesson from Thursday's police revolt, he said, was that problems should solved through dialogue and constitutional channels.

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ts in addition to 23 arrivals and 27, the official said. Argentine authorities said the daily activities of Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez also were affected by the ashe.

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Buenos Aires has said one Chinese national and two others, who were either Chinese nationals or ethnic Chinese, sustained non life-threatening injuries from the crash. Wednesday'.

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Nicolas Sarkozy, who visited the White House on Tuesday, discussed with his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama about the Pentagon contract. "What I said to President Sarkozy is that th.

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14-hour detention at the Vienna airport. Perez Esquivel told Xinhua by phone that he "strongly condemned " the incident and added "France, Spain, Portugal and Italy have violated .

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say Obama is doing a good or very good job in handling Afghanistan; 44 percent rate his performance as poor or very poor, according to the poll. That's a slightly brighter appra.

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rest of the world to enjoy a better position to compete for the jobs and industries globally, he said. "We will invest in biomedical research, information technology, and especial.

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is aimed at honoring the country's servicemen and women of the past and those serving now all over the world with a demonstration of modern warbirds and a remembrance for the pas.

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