mation to help us catch the criminals who committed this reprehensible attack," Uribe said during a public event. The incident occurred at dawn Thursday when the suspects threw reg.

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expand to include more than 20 research partners across the country, and pursue a research program of more than 35 projects a year over the next five years, the center said. WAS.

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nal commission created for this occasion to make an assessment of the 50 years of independence of the African Francophone countries. "In Africa, we have not yet reflected on our in.

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y constrained by budget cuts -- can better meet the credit needs of small businesses and manufactures." "I want to urge the Senate to act quickly to pass these initiatives into la.

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peal for political asylum by former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden. In a meeting with reporters at the presidential palace in the capital Brasilia, .

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nto a regional program, Armenian Deputy Minister of Transport Arthur Arakelyan said. "We have already carried out necessary work in order to engage our neighbors, Iran and Georgia, .

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a that some 28,000 villagers abroad have pledged to protest the verdict simultaneously in Washington, Miami, New York and Madrid. "They have just divided a global biosphere reserv.

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orward to raising maternal, newborn and child health in our discussions on women and young people," he added. The summit will adopt the first economic strategy for La Francophonie.

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t smoothly. The process "is going well and orderly," he said. There will be three phases for the residents' returning, but the timeline for phase-2 and phase-3 re-entry has not de.

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